Image by: Tim Hulme

Ten at 10: GoTrendSA Interviews SA Photographer Tim Hulme!

Zipokazi - Image by: Tim Hulme
Zipokazi – Image by: Tim Hulme

Okay, so we’ve had some pretty influential “Ten at 10’s” on GoTrend before, but we’re especially excited today, to catch up with photographer Tim Hulme! Tim, is pretty much a multimedia man who runs his own photography company (Tim Hulme Photography) and is Co-owner at Spliced Magazine. Keep reading below for all the insight into Tim’s work, inspiration and guidance!

GoTrendSA: Wow! Tim, thank you for joining GoTrendSA for an interview, for those who don’t know you, introduce yourself!

Tim Hulme: I’m a slightly deranged fashion photographer, based in Jozi, but working almost anywhere I’m paid enough to.

GoTrendSA: So Tim, you’re co-owner at Spliced magazine and an owner of your own Photography company, how do you fit it all in?

Tim: I don’t sleep much, so I have more hours in the day than most people! Seriously, there aren’t many distractions at 2am.

GoTrendSA: Tell us a little more about Spliced Magazine?

Image by: TIm Hulme
Image by: TIm Hulme

Tim: Spliced magazine was started a year ago by me and two close friends, we all brought a key skill to the party (editor, graphic designer and photographer), and together with a whole band of writers, illustrators, and artists, we’ve put out 6 issues packed with original pop culture content. Check out

GoTrendSA: Obviously you do more than just photography, it’s art. Where do you draw inspiration for the shoots that you create?

Tim: Photography in and of itself is not art. Rather I like to think that photography is a medium in which art can be produced. Susan Sontag said that I think. More eloquently obviously. I’ve always loved the power that a single still image has to create a story in the viewers mind. People’s reaction to my images has always been my greatest inspiration.

GoTrendSA: Has your taste in photography changed over the years or have you always been focused on a specific type of look and feel?

Tim: I think it takes many years to develop your style! For me, as I have gained more technical knowledge, I have been more and more able to produce the images I see in my head. I do however have some of my earliest work still in my portfolio, and I think it is easily recognizable as mine. Picasso said, learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.

Image by: Tim Hulme
Image by: Tim Hulme

GoTrendSA: When you’re not snapping photos or working what other hobbies do you have?

Tim: I’m a bit of an amateur chef, so I love to learn new techniques and cook for my girl and our close friends. I find it very therapeutic.

GoTrendSA: We hear that the photography business can be kind of rough, how can you stay ahead in the game and what advice would you give to someone who wants to start out in the business?

Tim: I don’t envy anyone that is trying to start out now. The industry has been turned on its head in the last 5 years, and the bottom end of the market is horribly over saturated. A lot of people would get far more satisfaction keeping it as a hobby. As soon as you are paying the bills with photography you can be forced, (by the need to pay rent) to compromise the work you want to do, and sometimes lose touch with your style, and your passion for photography. If you are foolish/determined enough to still try, never stop learning. There is a wealth of knowledge available online (I taught myself Photoshop entirely from youtube), so study every second you can, and then practice what you’ve learnt. You can not stand still in any industry these days, especially digital media. You will be caught and passed before you even see it coming.

GoTrendSA: We need to know: what is your favourite camera brand! There’s just too much controversy over tech brands these days…

Tim: I am a Nikon shooter, and have been for 20 years. I am not anti Canon though, I was just

Image by: Tim Hulme
Image by: Tim Hulme

born into a Nikon household. I think the photographer is far more important than the camera. I also lust after a Hasselblad for studio work and a sexy little Leica to travel with.

GoTrendSA: Tim, where can we find you on Social Media to stay up to date with all your projects?

Tim: @timhulmephoto on Instagram, and on Facebook.

GoTrendSA: And lastly, we always ask our traditional question! What is your personal mantra?

Tim: “There’s too much beauty to quit.“

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