PROOF! See, core work is essential!

Exclusive: One on one with Model Sean Tucker!


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Sean Tucker

Click, FLASH! This morning we’re serving you an exclusive interview with one of South Africa’s most influential models on the scene, we chat with Sean Tucker on fashion, fitness and of course all that model realness!

GoTrendSA: Sean, thank you so much for joining us on GoTrendSA, we’re stoked to have you! Tell us a little more about yourself?

Sean Tucker: I was born in PTA in 1992, lived there my whole life and I attended Pretoria Boys High School boy. I’m always active and have excelled in most of the sports I took part in – soccer, rugby, swimming etc. I did a number of others too including athletics, squash and tennis. I now focus on staying fit in general (gym/run) and keep up my swimming!

I completed my degree in BCom financial management last year at the University of Pretoria. Currently in Cape Town for season but also keeping myself busy by training clients at my friend’s gym, deejaying occasionally and more!

GoTrendSA: So Sean, you’re currently signed up with popular modeling agency, Boss Models, how did you get started and how has the experience been in the modeling industry?

Sean Tucker: Well I actually started with pageants but found them to be quite biased and that’s when I decided it was time to join and agency. I met Maria. One of my bookers, in George on holiday the one year and she liked my look. I then signed with PURE (Cape Town) and STAR (Johannesburg) models which have both merged with BOSS now. I have been at it for almost 3 years and I’ve met amazing people, worked in some really cool places, made a ton of new friends!

PROOF! See, core work is essential!
PROOF! See, core work is essential!

GoTrendSA: Being a Model, it’s always important to keep yourself in top physical and mental condition. What are some of your tips and tricks to stay in shape?

Sean Tucker: CORE, CORE, CORE! You’ve got to keep the abs looking sharp. I like to do a lot of cardio like swimming, running and squash as you burn the most calories in these sports. If you’re not sweating you’re not working hard enough!

GoTrendSA: Being a model, you have a sense of fashion built in. What’s a typical outfit for you?

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 23.15.04Sean Tucker: Definitely some High-tops, slim fit jeans and a casual T-shirt. Nothing over the top, less is more!

GoTrendSA: When you’re not busy working and traveling, what other hobbies and interests do you have?

Sean Tucker: Fishing, I am fishing mad! I will wake up at any hour to go fishing. Deejaying is another hobby of mine. Trying to get more into my reading, haha!

GoTrendSA: In your profession, what are the best and worst parts of doing what you do?

Sean Tucker: I love the people and the locations, but often it’s always a little bit of a rush!

GoTrendSA: Dealing with Fashion on a daily basis, is definitely exciting, who are your favourite designers?

Sean Tucker: Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace and definitely Calvin Klein! (everyone probably says these but they are brilliant)

GoTrendSA: Being in the modeling industry and of course the media industry, growth is always around the corner, where do you want to see yourself in lets say, five years?

Sean Tucker: I would like to have established myself in a number of countries from a modeling point of view. I would also like to have started my own business or at least bought into one here in SA by then.

KW5A4774hfcGoTrendSA: Are there any projects that you’re currently working on that you can give us the scoop about?

Sean Tucker: Basically just shooting as much as possible, strengthening my book, pushing my brand and ALWAYS staying in peak physical condition could also be seen as a project!

GoTrendSA: How has modeling changed other aspects of your life?

Sean Tucker: It has opened a lot of doors but it also makes you appreciate your time more as well as landing jobs because it’s not all glits and glamour. When you’re not landing jobs you need other thing to keep you going. It has also taught me to value true friends a lot more, ones that are there to always talk to about any issues and experiences.

GoTrendSA: Sean, who do you find inspiring inside of the modeling world?

Sean Tucker: Mainly photographers, they’re often very down to earth, friendly and motivating. If I had to say a model it would be David Gandy.

GoTrendSA: What advice do you have for other aspiring models?

Sean Tucker: Get in shape and enjoy doing it!

GoTrendSA: You’re in Cape Town majority of the time, where are your favourite hang out spots?

Sean Tucker: I enjoy The Grand Beach Café a lot as well as Bungalow, the setting, the vibe and the music at these places does it for me. You can also find me fishing off the rocks at various fishing spots (love hanging out at these!) I enjoy spending some time on my own and this is a good way to relax and get away from buzz.

GoTrendSA: Sean, where can we find you on social media?

Twitter: @Seano_T

Instagram: seanotucker

Sound Cloud: DJ Seano T

Facebook: Sean Tucker.

GoTrendSA: And lastly, what is your personal Mantra?

Sean Tucker: Work hard and go out and experience things, this is a big world we live in. Don’t limit yourself.

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