Vanessa G London Presents SS15 Collection with Signature Organza Classic Trench!

Vanessa G My Africa Collection 4A mix of vibrant colours, patterns and floral prints define the theme of ‘My Africa’ from luxury womenswear brand, Vanessa G London, which is set to make a bold style statement with its SS15 Collection next season.

Bringing in an innovative technique of fabric layering to create the illusion of depth across each print, the Collection is as striking as it is beautiful. It conveys a touch of soft femininity and luxury tailoring in flattering day and evening wear, reflecting ‘pieces of art’ full of life and colour.

In ‘My Africa’, each individual piece is inspired by the colour and beauty of the African continent. The collection consists of contemporary dresses and suits, skirts, tops and jackets as well as flowing kaftans and accessories. However, it is the ‘art’ woven in to the print and patterns that is at the centre of the brand’s philosophy which is symbolic of the Vanessa G label.

Making its debut is the classic Vanessa G Trench, beautifully tailored in luxurious illusion fabric with the Vanessa G trademark of hand-painted buttons and buckles. Featured in no less than 10 styles from the eye-catching Safari tailored trench dress to the striking butterfly print of the Organza classic short trench, the signature of this Spring/ Summer range, Vanessa G London SS15 is the most a

Fine raw silks symbolise sophistication and luxury, day and evening wear appear in striking Vanessa G My Africa Collection 1orange, while chic safari ensembles, jackets and coats complete the collection. It also encompasses the timeless black outfits and exquisitely tailored white creations, staples of every woman’s wardrobe. Anticipated Collection yet from its founder, Vanessa Gounden.

“With the My Africa Collection we have created subtle ‘pieces of art’ inspired by the romance of Africa, where colour in all its forms, culture, art and beauty are crafted into a signature piece,” shares Vanessa Gounden, Creative Director of Vanessa G London. “   Vanessa G offers fashion collections to a woman who’s discerning, dynamic and confident yet understands understated elegance.”

Completing the look, intricate baroque detailing and embroidery are crafted onto selected pieces while the finest cut beads and Swarovski crystal elements relflect bold statements and an element of sheer luxury. Classic necklines frame the face emulating exclusivity and style.

The vibrancy continues into the accessories collection with handbags and shoes, designed with natural stone pieces, alike canvases, brought to life with subtle paint techniques. Each garment and accessory is a hand-crafted, symbolic piece of art awaiting the stylish, discerning woman.

VMy Africa’s unique prints and patterns, set against vivid colours, are inspired by three endearing themes; Isisuka, a Zulu word meaning ‘Source’ representing Africa as the cradle all humankind and lending African symbolisms to the patterns and prints of the collection; Bhabhatane, a Xhosa word meaning “Butterfly” symbolizing Africa as a myriad of cultures and traditions, evident in the vibrancy of colours; and Iselwa, a Xhosa word meaning “Calabash” showcasing Africa as the melting pot of all that is the earth, inspiring cool natural tones.

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