Ten at 10: GoTrendSA Interview Petra Laranjo!

Petra Laranjo

Good morning GoTrender’s! We’re utterly excited this morning because we get to bring you an exclusive on one of South Africa’s most wonderful ladies! Yes, we’ve got Petra Laranjo on todays “Ten at 10” slot! Petra, is an absolute breathe of fresh air to the South African media industry and you’ll see below why! When class and elegance are mixed with passion and motivation you’ll definitely find her at the centre of it all. Don’t forget to catch up with her on all of her social media links below!

GoTrendSA: Petra, thank you so much for joining us on GoTrendSA this morning, tell us a little more about yourself?

Petra: Thank you for inviting me to play! Well, I’m a bit of a hippie at heart, an animal activist, loyal friend, over-achiever of note, #bestie and wife to thee most incredible man. At my core, I’m really just someone who wants to inspire you to live your best life and ensure the protection and well-being of animals www.wetnose.org.za, www.animalsindistress.org.za and www.nspca.co.za

GoTrendSA: Petra, we hear you’re releasing a book (Living on purpose: The Key To Change PetraLaranjo-3D-Stack-Cover_rz1Your Life And Impact Others) in the near future, can you give us a little scoop of what’s to come?

Petra: Yes, yes I am. It’s been such an emotionally fulfilling, albeit physically taxing, journey. At some point, everyone has dreamed of becoming and doing something great, something so inspiring that accepting an ordinary way of life was unthinkable. In my interactions with people over the years however, ‘average’ is a life-style which many have sadly come to accept. My book is a compilation of stories of how (previously ‘ordinary’) people have created the lives they want by changing limiting self beliefs, toxic habits, attitudes and thinking required to overcome life’s obstacles. It documents how these individuals changed, not only their world, but impacted those around them for the good. Ultimately, it’s about inspiring you to live your life fully through living on purpose and bettering ourselves in a holistic manner. I can’t wait to share the book with you, there is so much excitement!

GoTrendSA: You’ve recently been elected as the “Woman of Substance” ambassador for 2015, tell us a little more?

Petra: Wow, yes it’s such an immense honour and a tad overwhelming when I think of the huge responsibility that comes with the title. They’ve aligned with my philosophy of “Living on Purpose”, which is in itself encouraging. My goal is to empower and uplift women in providing the tools to gain confidence and knowledge so that they can impact their world. This extends to raising awareness for my selected charities, i.e: Animal rights, animal adoption and sterilisation, Breast Health and Child Welfare. See more at www.womanofsubstance.co.za.

GoTrendSA: What does it mean to be an empowered Woman in the 21st century?

324_2Petra: I believe that being empowered means living your purpose authentically, regardless of gender. Personally, being empowered means that I’ve shifted limiting self-beliefs, toxic habits and have taken ownership of my life and responsibility for my decisions. It also means that I’m able to increase my reach to inspire others to do the same.

GoTrendSA: When you talk about the various techniques that can be used by a woman to empower her life, how have you incorporated your teachings into your own lifestyle?

Petra: Writing my book has spurred my personal growth. I believe that the first step is to realize that your life has the potential to be a lot bigger than you currently imagine. Once you truly believe that, connect with your purpose and chase it with every cell in your body. It’s more than just setting goals. Goals need to be backed up by purpose or they’re doomed to fail.

GoTrendSA: Petra, when we see you, you’re always so radiant with confidence and bursting with energy! What do you do to stay healthy and what techniques (mentally and physically) do you stick to for optimal health?

Petra: Haha, thank you. (blush) Honestly, I have to give credit to my husband, Craig, who cooks and feeds me when I forget to do so – I’m such a lucky girl!! I believe in portion control and also the 80:20 rule. Be disciplined 80% of the time and allow yourself 20% of slack. I’ve learnt to listen to my body – I think that’s key! I used to have a lot of hang-ups about my body to a previously toxic relationship but as soon as I accepted my body, it amazingly balanced itself out.

GoTrendSA: When you’re not crazy busy, what else do you like to do?

Petra: I’m always juggling various projects so it’s more a case of deciding to make time to 565_2connect with family, friends, go on date-nights (yes, guilty) and walk our girls, Mary-Jane and Tamlyn (two Africanis dogs adopted from SPCA and Wetnose rescue shelters) in the park. I’m happy to just cuddle on the couch with my three loves to be honest 😉

GoTrendSA: Where are some of your essential spots to hang out in Jozi?

Petra: A great way to de-stress is picnicking at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens. Sunday afternoon Salsa dancing on the deck at Market on Main in the Maboneng District. Being Vegetarian, I’m always on the hunt for a good Veg menu so Leafy Greens is a treat – worth the price tag. Hubby and I enjoy a ride out on the motorbike so we often hop on and try out different spots along the way.

GoTrendSA: Petra, where can we find you on social media?

Petra: Come say Hi on:

FACEBOOK: Petra Laranjo Hourquebie (pronounced Hawk-a-bee);

FACEBOOK PAGE: Petra Laranjo Image & Branding;

TWITTER: @PetraLaranjo

INSTAGRAM: @PetraLaranjo

WEBSITE: www.petralaranjo.com

GoTrendSA: Lastly, what is your mantra to live by?

Petra: ‘Never forget the butterflies.’ To me this means to stay passionate in everything. Stay giddy, hopeful and excited about your life. After all, what’s the purpose of life if you’re not living on purpose? Also, decide what you want in life and do just one thing e-v-e-r-y day to move towards it. It’s the daily habits that make up your life after all.

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