New: Kirsten-Claire drops new single – Shatterproof!

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The beautiful, Kirsten-Claire.

Good morning GoTrender’s, we’re pretty excited this morning because one of our favourites, Kirsten-Claire has dropped her new track, Shatterproof! Kirsten-Claire’s 2015 pop-rock monster-hit, comes from one of the biggest, most respected songwriters working in music today, Pam Sheyne.

Pam Sheyne, now a household name wrote songs such ‘Genie In A Bottle’, the track that skyrocketed Christina Aguilera’s singing career! Now, the possibility of global chart domination is a real aspect for the young South African’s career, “Shatterproof is the silver bullet,” KIRSTEN-CLAIRE insists!

“This song is entirely me. So much so I’d like to think, three singles deep into my career, that


this fourth chapter endorses a sound I can happily and comfortably call my own.” ‘Shatterproof’ takes me to a space and place, musically, but it’s not out of my comfort zone,” she adds. “I’ve always loved rock and reinterpreting classic standards, so getting the opportunity to sink my soul into a song that called on my edgier, more organic side I jumped in head first!”

If you want to have a listen to it, click HERE and listen to “Shatterproof” on Kirsten-Claire’s official SoundCloud page, don’t forget to catch up with her on Facebook, click HERE, for more music updates from Kirsten-Claire!

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