We’re curious over Yves Saint Laurent’s new Kouros Body for Men!

Kouros BodyNow guys, there’s nothing like a little sexiness for the new month coming up. That’s right as of February 2015 legendary international brand Yves Saint Laurent is bringing their godly fragrance, Kouros Body for men to South African shelves!

This rugged daytime scent perfectly blends elements of incense and eucalyptus with aromatic woods and benzoin for a sexy and intimate fragrance that’s great for most occasions but will definitely turn heads. it’s mysterious but at the same time it’s really a really intriguing fragrance that still works perfectly for casual occasions and days out.

Remember guys if you’re looking for that extra boost on the fragrance level, you can grab a bottle of YSL Kouros Body as it hits the shelves in February 2015 for the recommended retail price of R1089.00 for a 100ml bottle, trust us, you’ll love it!

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