Ten at 10: We interview fashion Guru, Krishen Samuel!

Krishen Samuel
Krishen Samuel.

Trends may come and go, but here at GoTrend we know what lasts forever, to prove that we’ve got someone really special for todays “Ten at 10” interview! One of the most established fashion analysts, socialites and best dressed inspirations, Krishen Samuel!

GoTrendSA: Krishen, thank you for joining us on GoTrendSA! Why don’t you go ahead and tell us a little more about yourself?

Krishen Samuel: In addition to being one half of the fashion duo Alan Foley and Krishen Samuel, many people don’t know that I’m also a speech-language pathologist. I am specialized in working with children with Autism. Thus, I straddle two worlds and enjoy working in both of them even though they are very different. I am a lover of all things fashion-related: from clothing to trends. I love travelling and do it as much as I can. Other than that, I consider myself a ‘sociable introvert’; it seems contradictory but as much as I enjoy socializing and meeting new people, I also love a quiet evening curled up with a book.

GoTrendSA: So anyone who knows you, will recommend you on your personal style and your fashionable appearance, when did you get involved in fashion and more importantly, what are your inspirations when piecing a look together?

Krishen Samuel: I feel like I’ve always been influenced by fashion in some way or another. Even when I was younger, I was always very conscious of my appearance and what I wore. A few years ago, I started attending fashion shows and became more engrossed in the world of fashion, style and trends. From there, it came together naturally: I found myself working on more fashion-related projects, eventually leading up to the development of a brand which incorporates fashion and style. I always aim to express my personality through my fashion choices: I tend to go for subtlety over showmanship. However, I like quirky details and choices which others may call daring. Ultimately, the ‘gestalt’ is important for me – how it all comes together to form a whole.

Alan Foley (Left) and Krishen Samuel (Right).

GoTrendSA: You’re one half of the fashion duo “Alan Foley and Krishen Samuel,” how did the idea for a fashion site come to mind between you and Alan?

Krishen Samuel: Alan and I share a ‘passion for fashion’. Initially, we simply shared our ideas with each other and developed our unique styles through various local and international shopping trips, trend explorations and the like. However, we noticed the impact this had on people around us and we decided it would be a good idea to share more of our insights through an online platform. This led to the development of a fashion and lifestyle site.

GoTrendSA: You and Alan are very popular in the social and media scene, from what you’ve seen and observed, who are some of your best-dressed celebs?

Krishen Samuel: We celebrate well-dressed individuals who have a unique and authentic sense of style without pretense. South Africa has a plethora of well-dressed individuals who are able to express their personality through their dress sense. Some females who spring to mind are Zuraida Jardine, Melinda Bam and Roxy Burger; males include Maps Maponyane, Simba Mhere and Chu Suwannapha.

GoTrendSA: Krishen, we have to know, what are some of your male and female fashion trend predictions for 2015?

Krishen Samuel: Trends that will filter down in 2015 include a return of 70s inspired fashion for both men and women. This includes elements such as wider trouser legs and exaggerated collars as well as crafted elements such as tassels and knitwear inspired by the 1970s. Functionality is also a keyword in terms of wardrobes: we are still seeing sporty elements for both men and women as well as a greater emphasis on comfort – including looser silhouettes and oversizing as well as Asian inspiration such as flowing fabric and loose kimono-style coats. Sheer fabrics will be huge for women this year – this will include transparent and see-through items worn in a stylish way. Fashion-forward men will become more playful with their wardrobes this year and hopefully introduce some more cutting-edge items.

GoTrendSA: Are there any fashion trends that you’d love to see go?

Krishen Samuel: Although I understand comfortable footwear and its place in the world, I’m not Krishen 1wild about sliders and the like. I think they have their place but this should probably be confined to the garden and worn while doing household chores. I still believe that formalwear requires formal or at least, stylish footwear.

GoTrendSA: What are some of your favourite fashion brands?

Krishen Samuel: Some of my favourite international brands include Marc Jacobs and Gucci. Locally, I love creative talents such as Laduma Ngxolo (MaXhosa Knitwear) and Rich Mnisi.

GoTrendSA: We’re looking forward to your 2015 Krishen, can you give us a little sneak peak at what’s to come?

Krishen Samuel: This year has already got off to a busy start. The Alan Foley and Krishen Samuel brand is certainly getting bigger and better. We are deepening our fashion roots while simultaneously branching out into other aspects of our interests and talents. We will be launching our new website soon and there are incredibly exciting collaborations coming up. Watch this space!

GoTrendSA: Krishen, where can we find you on social media?

Krishen Samuel: 

Twitter: @alankrishen and @krishensamuel

Instagram: Krishen22

Facebook: Alan Foley and Krishen Samuel

GoTrendSA: Tell us, what is your essential mantra?

Krishen Samuel: Be who you are, for then you are truly unstoppable – you have the gifts of originality and authenticity on your side.

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