Elle Magazine and Hyde Park Corner send us on a Fragrance Journey!

10994258_780020605421025_4183438798351540321_nOn Wednesday, February 11th, Hyde Park and Elle Magazine hosted an amazing, media packed evening where a special array of new fragrances were on offer to get our senses booming! Burberry, Lancome and a touch of Armani, what more could any fragrance fanatic ask for? GoTrendSA just had to throw in their two “scents” about the extravagant evening and of course the amazing selection of 2015 fragrances!

We caught up with some of our favourite Joburg media moguls and spent the night smelling some couture perfume collections! The Johannesburg Ballet Theatre even stopped by to showcase some of their top scenes from popular show, Swan Lake, which was an extravagant treat above all!

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 14.05.01
The Johannesburg Ballet Theatre

We absolutely LOVED the new addition “La vie est belle” by Lancome, covered by classic actress, Julia Roberts. The scent base exhibits powerful aromas of vanilla and praline while it’s whisked away by lighter smells of Pear and Black currant. (PS: Perfect for that Valentines Day gift!) While we got to take a whiff of the ever popular Armani eau d’aromes (for men), a fragrance on the rise that brings forth a strong array of freshness in the forms of Citrus orange, ginger and vetiver. it’s totally something James Bond would wear.

We’re loving this concept right before Valentines Day and so basically what we’re saying is that you need get down to Hyde Park now for some fragrance action! Make you do it now before stocks fly!

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 14.33.52

For more from the SCENT-sational evening, have a look at the GoTrend-Gallery Below!

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