Ten at 10: We interview SA actor, Stevie French!

Stevie_-19In our lovely country we’re fortunate to host a bunch of talented people in the media industry. Today we chat with the extremely vivacious, Stevie French! Stevie (who’s a total babe!) chats to us about her life in the industry, hitting the screens of Isidingo and even about the new fury companion – Samantha!

GoTrendSA: Wow! Stevie, thank you for joining GoTrendSA for an interview, for those who don’t know you, introduce yourself!

Stevie French: Hello, I’m Stevie!

GoTrendSA: So Stevie, you’ve been quite the busy lady over the past couple of months, mind giving us a catch up?

Stevie French: This year has been amazing! I finished the 3rd season of ACT1 on SABC1, I was in Cape Town shooting a pilot for an international series for ABC and my first storyline on Isidingo started this week. I’ve been acting full time for a year and a half now and while it isn’t always easy I must admit I’ve been blessed to move from one incredible job to the next.

GoTrendSA: So you’ve recently hit the screens of South Africa’s favourite soap, Isidingo, what’s the experience been like?

Stevie French: First of all, the fact that you can ask me that question is just a dream come true!Stevie-4 I’ve wanted to be on Isidingo for as long as I can remember and it’s a goal I’ve been actively working towards for over 5 years. It was of course a little daunting being ‘the new kid on the block’ but once those first day jitters faded it was fantastic. Jack Devnarain is amazing to work with! He’s such a talent, and everything we’ve done together has been really fun.

GoTrendSA: You’ve worked overseas as a news anchor for KYUR ABC Alaska News, do you feel any differences between working locally and internationally?

Stevie French: Well the news industry is so different to film and television so it’s hard to compare the two regardless of the zip code. But I just try to be a positive and productive force in any environment so I guess on a personal level it’s all the same energy out.

GoTrendSA: Where did you catch the passion for acting and performing?

Stevie French: I think I was born with a love for performance but it was probably my mother who really nurtured it. She was a qualified speech and drama teacher so she always encouraged my passion for artistic expression.

GoTrendSA: We’re kind of obsessed with your sidekick #SamanthaMartin, tell us a little more about your fury companion and life at home?

It's Samantha Martin!  https://instagram.com/steviefrenchsa/
It’s Samantha Martin!

Stevie French: OMG aren’t we all?!? She is just the tits. She’s well behaved, playful, smart and loving. We like to go for walks, lunch in Parkhurst and of course cuddle on the couch watching TV. But it’s quite hilarious trying to wake her up to go to bed at night. You have to be very gentle and give her time otherwise she gets very grumpy… just like her mom!

GoTrendSA:  What advice do you have for anyone looking to get into the industry?

Stevie French: It’s a tough gig and you really have to love it. But if you work hard and truly commit yourself it will happen for you. You just have to have patience and remember that your career isn’t everything. Don’t be afraid to start small. Maya Angelou once said, “You find your path when you walk it”.

GoTrendSA: Can we get the scoop on any upcoming plans?

Stevie French: I wrote my first short film last year and I’m finally setting aside time to produce it. It’s a big passion project and something I’ve been postponing for too long.

GoTrendSA: Stevie, where can we catch up with you online?

Stevie French: My website is www.steviefrench.co.za and my handle is @StevieFrenchSA on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

GoTrendSA: And lastly, we always ask our traditional question! What is your personal mantra?

Stevie French: I have a couple: “Rejection is direction and rejection is redirection” also Maya Angelou. And “It will all be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end” – think I got that in a fortune cookie!

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