HOT: Shopping extravagance at Hyde Park Corner!

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Shopping meets elegance at Hyde Park Corner! On Tuesday May 19th, GoTrendSA got down to South Africa’s luxury shopping destination for what we can only describe as a day of posh pampering, we’ve got the scoop right here for your eyes only!

Upon arrival we travelled down to home decor and women’s couture store, Day Birger Et Mikkelsen, the store recently launched in Hyde Park Corner boasts the collections of it’s female ready to wear collections and it’s memorable decor for any house worth living in. We particularly loved the Day Birger room cologne, otherwise known as “Day of Intuition, No.1,” a little spray bursts your rooms into content freshly smelling living spaces for the elegant touch!

Afterwards we were escorted to the lovely Tasha’s Cafe for a traditional High Tea where we celebrated with our favourite media friends and colleagues while reflecting on the ambiance of the afternoon. Tasha’s, known for their delectable treats and hearty meals, have been a valuable addition to the Hyde Park Corner since opening their doors several years ago. (Tip: If you’ve got a sweet-tooth but still need to cut back, you should try out Tasha’s in-store made Flourless Chocolate Cake, Yum!)

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 0.06.42Shortly after, We were introduced to the new Bvlgari fragrance collections, we must say that this is totally worth the outing, (Get your fragrance journey kickstarted at the Bvlgari pop-up stand in the Cortina Court, Hyde Park Corner – Right Now!). There are six new exclusive Bvlgari fragrances in the “Le Gemme” collection for every women’s obsession: Ashlemah, Noorah, Lilaia, Maravilla, Calaluna and Amarena! These fabulous perfumes each represent a certain terrain and rare stone, they’re described as a journey into a different place and time, we love the detail in each and every one:

Noorah (Nishapur): 

“From Nishapur, the long journey from Orient to Occident. Turquoise takes us on a journey along the Silk and Spice Routes of yore. Its rich, mysterious and sensual fragrance captures the magnificence of the Silk and Spice Routes.”

Lilaia (Egypt):

“The gem of renewal and change, the peridot takes us back to Ancient Egypt. The name Lilaia evokes a Greek Goddess of Spring who nurtures flowering, growth and rebirth. Its uplifting fragrance diffuses the captivating and rejuvenating energy of nature.”

Maravilla (Iberia):

Inspired by the citrine, the gem of the morning sun, a luminous stone that, like the lemon, comes from hot, sunny regions. Maravilla is a bright, elegant fragrance, a perfect blend of sun-drenched citrus notes intertwined with a hint of joyful peach and embedded in a beautiful, refined chypre accord.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 23.52.43Ashlemah (Europe):

“Along the Gems Road, in the heart of ancient Europe Inspired by the amethyst, the sacred gem, a symbol of perfect balance. A truly noble, distinguished fragrance that envelops you in aristocratic elegance.”

Calaluna (Sri Lanka):

“The moonstone, the guardian angel of femininity. Calaluna is an evocative name that pays homage to an idyllic bay in Sardinia where the sand, reflecting the water, has a moonlit hue.Its white, milky fragrance envelops you in a unique aura of comfort, protection and well-being.”

Amarena (Brazil and Madagascar):

“A symbol of love and delight, the pink tourmaline invites desire and sensuality. Its colourfully exuberant, lush fragrance captures the essence of bright, extroverted femininity.”

After smelling all the beautiful scents from Bvlgari, we got to grab a few to take back to the GoTrendSA HQ. Where our beauty team are still obsessing over them a week later! (more reviews on these fragrances coming later on!)

The above mentioned stores and more are all available right now in the comfort of Hyde Park Corner. If you haven’t already visited, get down there right now and experience luxury from pillar to post in one of South Africa’s MUST visit shopping destinations! Lookout below for contact details and more.


Hyde Park Corner:

Cnr. William Nicol Dr. and 6th Rd,

Jan Smuts Avenue.

Sandton, 2196.

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