Ten at 10: Getting to know Jay Anstey!

Image: Bruce K Cantrell (www.brucekcantrell.com)

The GoTrend team comes across many types of people within the media industry, but we’re probably the most excited about who we get to share with you today! Professional Actress and Model Jay Anstey is with us today on our “Ten at 10” slot! We’ve got the scoop on her career, chilled out lifestyle and what it’s like working with top designers in SA. Stay with us and get your Jay fix below!

GoTrendSA: Jay, this interview has been long overdue! Mind telling the GoTrend readers a little more about yourself?

Jay: Agreed! Well where do I begin? Haha! I’m a 24 year old Jozi girl. I got my South African break through playing Charlie on Isidingo. I’m a happy vegetarian hippie, that pretty much sums me up.

GoTrendSA: You’ve been acting and performing just about your entire life, what has all this taught you and if you had any other choice, what would you be doing?

Jay: One of my very first memories is of knowing what I wanted to do. Acting. And the beauty of acting is that you have to be able to play and do pretty much anyone and anything. So in that regard if there was anything else I wanted to do as a profession I have done through acting! This industry has taught me so much but above all its taught me how to deal with rejection. It’s a massive part of the job. So if you struggle with being told NO countless times, then it’s not for you.

GoTrendSA: So Jay, from personal experience we’ve gotten to know you quite well over the past couple of months and every time we see you you’re just beaming with beauty! What do you do to look after yourself and stay looking gorgeous?

Jay: Haha you guys are too kind. I’m not a very vain person. Nor am I very high maintenance

Image: Bruce Cantrell (www.brucekcantrell.com)
Image: Bruce Cantrell (www.brucekcantrell.com)

when it comes to how I look. I eat healthy foods and box 3 times a week to keep fit. I believe if you are truly happy and confident within yourself it will come across. And that is the best kind of beauty to have.

GoTrendSA: You’ve played many different characters on local television, yet you’ve also done a lot of work overseas, do you find a major difference in the industry between local and international working communities?

Jay: Well the pay of course! Haha they pay a lot more and respect the actors a hell of a lot more. Our local industry has such immense talent but not enough funding. Sadly.

GoTrendSA: What’s it like working in the SA industry? Do you have any vital tips for anyone looking to get into it?

Jay: If you are prepared to spend months with no work, no pay and plenty rejection then this industry is for you! Haha. I’m not the type to tell you the ‘glamorous’ side of our job. In reality it’s gruelling hours, hard work and plenty determination! Take acting classes, get a good agent and remember you’re not in this to be famous. It’s a job. So don’t become big headed and be professional at all times!

Image: Bruce Cantrell (www.brucekcantrell.com)

GoTrendSA: We love that you’re the muse for legendary South African Fashion Designer, Gert-Johan Coetzee. What do you enjoy most about Gert and his designs?

Jay: Gert is incredible! Not only as a designer but as a person. He is always striving to push boundaries and get SA fashion on the map! He is creative and knows exactly how to make a woman’s body look beautiful!

GoTrendSA: What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Jay: Well that’s easy… I’m a total hippie! Give me forest, nature, real people and hiking – and I’m the happiest person ever! In an industry full of fakeness, nature reminds me exactly what’s important and true.

GoTrendSA: Can you give us any scoop on what you’ll be doing next?

Jay: If I knew I’d tell you! I live day by day and new things pop up every second!

GoTrendSA: Jay, where can we find you online?


Instagram @JayAnstey

Twitter @JayAnstey

FacebookJay Anstey


GoTrendSA: Lastly, we always want to know from our iconic people, what is your mantra? What inspires you to do what you do?

Jay: What’s important to me is evoking emotion in people. Sometimes I feel people have become quite uncompassionate and if through my job I make you empathic then it’s worth getting up every day to work.

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