Feeling the curves: We get up close and personal with Samsung’s SUHDTV!

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 10.30.46Television over the past couple of years has always been one thing, then it got better – HDMI, High Definition quality and things like Internet connectivity all got included in what a TV was “standard” for. There came a time that made people think: “What else can actually go into one of these?” And then Samsung came along and did it with their range of SUHDTV’s.

We did a little experiment on the Twitter-verse to see just how important some features were to consumers in the market and by collecting up the data we found out that the most important aspects are design, display and internet connectivity! Naturally we feel the same, being oh-so 21st century we couldn’t wait to chill out on the couch (We promise for research purposes!) with the Samsung SUHDTV!

It’s no secret that Samsung was the first brand to launch a curved screen television in early 2013 at the annual CES (global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow) and so far they have only evolved and refined their curvy formula to greater success in the past years. With the latest release of Samsung’s SUHDTV’s, there has been far more integration than consumers could ever ask for! Now juiced up with a 4K display, display and design come together into a significant piece of technology and a more importantly a whole lot of art.

Speaking of display, theres not just one to deal with! Walking back into my home I switched on


my SUHDTV and went through to the next room when a pop up screen on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge asked me to “Screen Mirror.” Now going into a little more investigation I saw that this was actually a feature I could use.

“The Screen Mirroring feature lets you wirelessly beam your photos, videos, presentations, or even your video games to your big screen. You can connect to any HDTV using the AllShare® Cast Wireless Hub, or you can connect directly to a supported Samsung Smart TV™”

But, I think we love the most out of everything design wise is definitely the remote itself! Such a tiny, futuristic design packed with so many features allows the user to totally take control of their television without having to fuss over a million buttons! The remote allows the user to activate voice recognition allowing you to do basic tasks with your SUHDTV like change channels, open apps and change sources! It has a pointer built in too, when the remote senses your hand, you can “point and click” just like a regular wireless mouse.

Although this was a pretty amazing feature, my most favourite and my reason for anyone to buy this SUHDTV is the Internet connectivity. The first thing I did as a kid of pop culture was hook up the wifi and log onto YouTube to watch a few videos. With the major Adele craze at the moment I thought I’d serenade the rest of my family members and possible a couple next door neighbours with a beautiful sing along to “Hello.”

Yo Adele, What's good?
Yo Adele, What’s good?

Although, due to popular demand I was told to stick to writing and not performing, which was a little disappointing, but one day I’ll show them! But it did teach me that a television could bring a family together again, in the sense that now there was something for everyone on demand with apps like YouTube, ShowMax, Twitter and then useful utilities like Accuweather and a whole selection of more to download all aboard one TV with minimal peripheral devices and wires.

Honesty Hour: Here on GoTrendSA we deal with a lot of tech on day to day occasions. We can wholeheartedly say that the Samsung SUHDTV is on a level of its own. The days of televisions that struggle with crystal clear imagery, poor selection of ports and lack of creativity are gone after what Samsung created this with. The design of the television looks more like a artistic piece than that a television and at the end of the day whether you’re an art collector or not you’ll be glad you bought this addition to your home!

For everything you need to know on the Samsung SUHDTV and more of their products visit www.samsung.com for all the details!

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