Fujifilm VS Paris! Photo updates and final review!

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The love of our life (The Fujifilm X-T10) held up really well with the 35mm lens we took along on our journey!

So it’s that time again to reflect over our amazing trip to Paris, and we all know that you’re excited to hear about how to Fujifilm X-T10 held up against everyday travel. Well we’re probably just a tad more excited than you to report on this, because from here on out it’s only good news!

A few days after our first post on the X-T10 we hit up one of Fujifilm’s partners also known as the happiest place on Earth, Disney Land Paris! From Mickey to Elsa we saw them all and of course captured them too. The days weather was super gloomy, but the Fujifilm handled the lack of light really well. One thing Fujifilm is known for and this isn’t just the words of hardcore enthusiasts is that any one of their cameras handles colour production really well when photos are taken. Even in Gloomy weather the Fujifilm X-T10 still shined bright producing rich colour from photos near or far. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

No light? No Problem! The X-T10 handles darkness/low light situations really well whether you’re inside or out! – As for that Disney Castle all we can say is wow!

Once again walking around Disney is possibly the best thing to ever happen to you right? (right!) So it’s obvious that you’re going to be posting that all over your social media to make your friends jealous. Another feature that we have to reiterate is the Fuji’s wireless functionality. transferring photos from camera to phone is a breeze and capturing the perfect selfie has never been easier as you can remotely control the device from your Android or iOS device.

This feature has been widely used amongst bloggers and other types of photo enthusiasts as we don’t all have someone to shoot those amazing #OOTD’s and it makes shooting family portraits or better selfies that much more important.

What we really love about the Fujifilm X-T10 is that it feels like a real family camera. Mom can shoot her Garden with colour explosions, Dad can take it to the Rugby Stadium and shoot crisp-clear photos, The girls can take fabulous outfit selfies for Instagram with that all important bokeh while the boys can shoot their street style photography in rich definition. It’s something for everyone, in one.

The Fujifilm X-T10 isn’t just a camera, it’s a great investment whether you’re a huge camera enthusiast or just starting out, it’s the pocket knife of cameras.

Remember when we said we have photo evidence? Well you can click right here for our whole album where we shot everything from buildings to Disney Characters! While you’re checking it out why not give GoTrendSA a like on Facebook to stay update on all the news, reviews and interviews!


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