GoTrend 3rd birthday Week 3: Winning with Trinket Trove South Africa!

New in 2016: Beautifully created leather wrap bracelets with a unique hand stamped name or special date!

We couldn’t love anything more than an unique take on accessories! With Trinket Trove there’s something to suit every fashionable girls need! Specialising in crafted leather wrap bracelets, necklaces and way more, the two sisters (Cassandra and Tamara) have created a niche category of jewellery that have all the ladies in SA going crazy over their creativity!

From eye catching wrap bracelets to totally cute trinket-earrings the beautifully created pieces from Trinket Trove really do shine above conventional jewellery. The pieces focus on maximising the wearers options for customisation, by mixing and matching:

“Trinket Trove pieces are beautiful, unique and ingeniously designed for versatility. Wear the 3-in-1 wraps as your mood unfolds. Stack, mix and match the unique Designer Arms. Pieces and combinations for all occasions, from day to day or for that special date. Something bold. Something dainty. Dress me up. Dress me down. A colour palette for every personality.”

Trinket Trove is offering something new this year, that we’re currently obsessed over! Authentic leather wrap bracelets with the option to customize the silver disc with a unique hand stamped name or date carefully placed on it. These wraps are perfect for the special occasion or just showing that special someone how much you mean to them! The leather cording comes in a variety of colours suitable for everyone!

For everything and more Trinket Trove and to check out iut their amazing new range of leather wraps you can visit the creative sisters on their homepage HERE! Make sure you head over and follow them on Instagram for latest Trinket Trove designs and inspiration on how to style your accessories!

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Right now we’re giving away a set of the brand new Trinket Trove Leather wrap bracelets for one lucky winner (One for you and one for your BFF!) as apart of our GoTrend 3rd birthday giveaways! All you have to do is enter below and you could be our lucky winner for the third week of the GoTrendSA Third Birthday Giveaways!

PS: For an extra entry into the competition head over to Twitter and Tweet @TrinketTrove1 and @GoTrendSA using the hashtag #GoTrend3rdBday!

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