KFC serves pure quality with Taste Guarantee promise!

KFC - Taste Guarantee 100938-RT with Logo Small fileWe all know the taste of finger lickin’ good chicken, yes that’s right. KFC! KFC joins GoTrendSA this morning to give us the low down on the magic behind the scenes and what KFC does to really make sure that you’re satisfied at the end of your yummy meal! With their new Taste Guarantee promise – quality is their first priority!

In a bold step forward, KFC today launched a satisfaction promise to its customers, called Taste Guarantee, in all of it’s over 800 restaurants across South Africa. “KFC is committed to serving great tasting Original Recipe® chicken, prepared exactly the same way the Colonel did so many years ago – the hard way,” says Doug Smart, Managing Director KFC Africa. “To reinforce our commitment to doing things exactly right, Taste Guarantee promises customers will be fully satisfied with their meal or the restaurant will gladly replace it, because every meal at KFC should be Finger Lickin’ Good!”

The KFC Taste Guarantee journey includes several steps to make sure customers enjoy that delicious KFC taste, every time.

· The journey starts with great quality chicken sourced from the same chicken farms that supply South Africa’s premium retailers. Deliveries of our fresh ingredients, all locally sourced, happen three times a week to guarantee freshness. KFC’s dedicated quality assurance team ensures that all of the franchise’s suppliers meet its strict global requirements.

· In the kitchen, each meal is freshly prepared by trained cooks. Every KFC team member has been carefully trained in the process for preparing Original Recipe® chicken according to international guidelines, to make sure of quality, freshness and a consistently great KFC experience.

· The chicken is hand-breaded and dusted with the Colonel’s secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices. Once the chicken is pressure fried, it is kept for a specific holding time at a precise temperature, to make sure it’s served hot and fresh.


Key to the Taste Guarantee promise is KFC’s dedication to up-skilling and training its team members to prepare a great tasting meal, every time. “Every single meal is prepared by hand, so it’s important that our 30 000 team members know how to perfect KFC’s Original Recipe Chicken ®, just the way the Colonel intended,” says Smart. “Taste Guarantee is a promise from every one of our team members, who prepare almost 20 million meals every month, that every meal is freshly prepared and held to KFC’s high global standards for quality and freshness.

From the sourcing of our produce to the preparation of our food, our customers are always guaranteed the great tasting KFC experience.” “Our customers are important to us and Taste Guarantee is our way of making sure that they are always happy with every meal,” says Smart. “When a meal doesn’t live up to our customers’ expectations, we’d love to offer them a replacement meal to make it right. Quality, freshness – and the Colonel’s original blend of 11 herbs and spices – remain at the heart of KFC as we promise to keep bringing our customers the Finger Lickin’ Good taste they know and love.”

To find out more visit www.kfc.co.za or contact their customer care line 0860 100 222, or drop them a comment on Facebook or Twitter, #tasteguarantee, and they’ll get back to you!

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