Launching Soon: Armani Code Profumo shines for Men!

Armani_Code_Profumo_Bottle&Box_110ml_refletArmani is back at it again with an amazing creation for their male fans, the Intense and vibrant, Armani Code PROFUMO, a brand new masculine fragrance for men, envelopes itself in warm colours and draws us into a world where seduction is an art, a lifestyle. The flawless mastery of every code. As the latest addition to the Armani Code range, Code PROFUMO is inspired by the impeccable excellence of a Giorgio Armani tuxedo, the evening attire for enticing encounters. Armani is a major favourite here at GoTrendSA and from what we’ve reviewed before we know we’re excited for this already!

The modern man deserves modern necessities and this means Armani Code PROFUMO has arrived just in time! The 2016 fragrance launched by the popular brand features an amazing array of scents all in one bottle.

The mix of notes in the fragrance is truly amazing. The use of Tonka beans in men’s fragrances right now has become a big trend in the market, but Armani just seems to do it so much better than other brands who overpower fragrances with the ingredient:

“The burst of head notes is pure brilliance. The green mandarin essence, crisp green apple and cardamom essence start the fragrance off in pure brilliance. The freshness continues with aromatic lavender notes and nutmeg essence coloured by the solar purity of orange blossom at its heart. Each radiant facet is warmed by tonka bean absolute with its accents of tobacco, before being enveloped in a suggestive woody-ambery accord. The supple leather notes of the styrax essence meld with an exquisite suggestion of praline sweetness. The fusion with the skin is palpable. Tantalizing…”


The shape of the new Armani Code PROFUMO amplifies a luxurious feel to it, really making you feel like you’ve invested in something pretty extraordinary. The finishes add a smooth touch while the bottle still signifies the classic silhouette of the original Code bottle from Armani.

Get your amazing bottle of Armani Code PROFUMO now at leading retailers. It officially launches in June (just in time for fathers day!) and we have a feeling this ones going to fly off the shelves, don’t say we didn’t tell you guys, make sure you plan ahead!


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