Hey Jude – Your Very Own Personal Assistant

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Life is hectic, there’s always so much to do and no matter how much you get done, the list never seems to get any shorter. Often it feels like the only way to get everything done is to clone yourself, or get a really good personal assistant. That’s where Hey Jude comes in.

What is Hey Jude?

It’s a personal assistant App, but with real people, the Judes, on the other side who help make your every wish come true. 

It’s kind of like being Miranda Priestly and having your very own Emily on call 24/7.

Any request you have – food delivery, travel bookings, restaurant reservations, grocery shopping, gift searching, finding a plumber and even paying your bills – Hey Jude does it all.

The subscription based service is available as an app on both Android and iOS.

How does it work?

Download the app at heyjudeapp.com, and get the Judes working for you with three free tasks. Then, once you have fallen in love with the app, a subscription of R199/month will get the Judes working for you, 24/7 and 365 days a year, with as many tasks as you need.

You want to find out where the best bistro is? They’ll let you know and make the reservation as well as give you directions. Simple.

The geyser bursts and you need to find a plumber, but want a few quotes before giving the go-ahead? Hey Jude will sort it out.

Your all time favourite band is coming to town? Why go through the hassle of waiting in an online queue to get tickets, Hey Jude will organise the tickets and get them to you.

Hey Jude also keeps payments smart and simple, through one secure, encrypted commerce platform. All you need to do is load your card, supply transaction instructions and the Judes will settle your expenses, for a fee of 5% on each transaction: pay the courier service, utility bills, even you hotel in New York or Nelspruit.

What makes this app so special?

The Judes are real people – not machines – that use the power of technology, their own local knowledge, and a bit of flare to get your tasks done – it’s the perfect mash up of emotional aptitude and artificial intelligence. “I was underwhelmed by the promise of bots like Siri and Amazon’s Alexa and the actual user experience,” says Innovation architect and Hey Jude developer, Marcus Smith, “there might be a time when machines will be able do all these things, but until then we are filling in the blanks with a blended AI-human solution.”

Hey Jude also seamlessly integrates all that is cool in mobile and online technology: Uber, Airbnb, Open Table and many others. You have booked your dinner reservations through Hey Jude. They’ll then send you a map with directions, calculate the cost and distance of an Uber trip and with your permission order the ride.

Hey Jude. Just say the word and it’s sorted.

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