Oreo #Enrobed: The Oreo & Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate duo you need right now!


The world is always changing and every day we wake up to something new. Some days there isn’t much to celebrate and then there’s days when something special happens. So special… that it may just change your life. Oreo is back with something brand new – wait – Oreo and Cadbury are back with one of the biggest snack attacks you’ll ever taste! Do you want to know more? Read below…

An Oreo completely enrobed in Cadbury Milk chocolate is the sweet delight we never knew could even exist until right now. That’s right, it’s an Oreo cookie dipped in chocolate and it’s now on our shelves – we’re totally excited! Each mini snack pack contains two enrobed cookies and has the perfect balance between Oreo and chocolate ensuring the perfect sized pack for any occasion!

“The new OREO covered in Cadbury Dairy Milk, gives consumers the best of both worlds, as you are still able to experience the sensation of wonderfilled Oreo even more, now that it is enrobed in delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk!” says Jaritha Narsey, Senior Brand Manager for Biscuits & Groceries. “We know Oreo fans will welcome this NEW flavour to the Oreo family with open arms”

Look out for the NEW Oreo covered in Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate – in stores nationwide. The chocolaty bites come in 43gms snack packs. This new treat, like we said, is the brand new chocolate #oreoenrobed cookie that will change your life! Don’t forget to follow Oreo on Facebook and Twitter @Oreo.

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