WIN and stay FRESH with Clorets 40 Minutes!

Clorets gives you 40 minutes of long lasting fresh minty breath for those times when you really need it!

Whether you’re big on making a super first impression, about to jump in for the most important interview of your life or, just getting ready to get up close with “potential Bae,” Clorets will allow you to bring your best and most minty self to the party for 40 minutes – stress free! How do we know this for sure? Well, there’s definitely some science behind it, take a look:

Clorets has always been the fresh breath expert, but NOW, thanks to Clorets 40 Minutes which includes Actizol™ with EXTRA Chlorophyll, you’ll enjoy 40 minutes of fresh flavour in your mouth and a unique minty experience! These active ingredients, Actizol™ with Chlorophyll, are scientifically proven to eliminate bad odours, ensuring you can focus on the moments that are most important to you.

There’s already two mouthwatering flavours out right now: Eliminator (Wintergreen Peppermint) and new Green Mint (Spearmint). Both of these are sugar free, taste amazing, plus, the flavor actually lasts! (We had a sneaky taste test of the new Green Mint flavour and were delighted to see that it really lives up to their word!)

We’ve all been in those delicate situations where you need that boost of fresh breath – check out the perfect example in the Clorets 40 Minutes Ad. The commercial shows young Lubhi meeting his girlfriend’s family for the first time (An already stressful situation!) and the turn-up is unexpectedly large. Watch all the clips on Facebook @Clorets and @CloretsSA on Twitter.

Clorets wants you to stay fresher for even longer. Which means we’ve got something a little flashy to give away! To keep you covered they’ll be hooking you up with some fresh new gear from Superbalist with a chance to win a R1000.00 voucher! (Competition runs: 28/02/2018 – 06/03/2018, SA Participants Only.)

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