Launched: #AugustineGOLD

So, if you don’t know me by now, My name is Kevin McLennan. Normally I never start articles this way because, well I don’t like making my articles too subjective. But I feel I absolutely have to do it this time!

I attended the AugustineGOLD launch on Thursday, June 26th at the super chic Elevate Venue inside of the Reef Hotel. I took an Uber Cab (If you don’t know, give them a Google, awesome service.) to the venue along with my best friend. When I arrived at the venue I immediately knew it was going to be awesome. I knew this because, I went to the bar and experienced this amazing water that I need to by in bulk, Evige. Flavours I tried, cucumber and then chocolate, YES, chocolate.

AMAZING Evige Water

Guests dressed to the “Street Style and a touch of Gold” theme. I think what I loved about this the most is that it really showed how different people from different occupations and parts of life show their creativity in a fashion sense. So many people showed up in different combinations it was really quite interesting. I particularly loved what actress/career woman/model/do everything power woman Jena Dover was wearing, it was an Augustine original piece and was quite spectacular to say the very least.

Jena Dover dressed in Augustine

The masterminds behind 4 Elements Media/PR – Lorinda Voges and Brett Rogers are no doubt the two most stylish at any event they attend. Also dressed by Augustine they got to show off the brand in style. (I love these two, total inspirations.) Check out this photo of us and tell me how great they look?

10515317_10204105865423974_8202070393156575855_o (1)
Lorinda Voges, Brett Rogers and I (Kevin McLennan)

Also there, new girl on the block Isidingo actor and model, Michaella Russell, wearing Pallu had given us a reason to take multiple photos of her. Just look at her. I also got to see some of my favourite people there too: Leigh Crymble, Just Malcom, Tamara Dey and got to finally chat to the lovely Jay Anstey. The design team Yianni Crease (from Gold Street) , Marea Lewis and Justine August (From Augustine) were all dressed in the incredible collection that they designed. What creative minds!

Jay Anstey, Tamara Dey and Michaella Russell
Jay Anstey, Tamara Dey and Michaella Russell

I have to conclude my little piece by saying that i absolutely loved the evening, being surrounded by so many wonderfully artistic and likeminded people definitely makes an event, but when you add clothing as awesome as AugustineGOLD’s then you’ve got a party! I want to thank you all one again (Lorinda, Brett, Yianni, Jessica and Marea) for including GoTrend and letting us celebrate with you!

for all the images, look at the album on GoTrendSA’s Facebook page.

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