GoTrendSA interviews Moroka Swallows player, Larry Cohen!


Larry Cohen

Bringing forward the realness of Mzansi talent today is one of the hottest, (yes ladies, we mean it!) soccer players to the GoTrendSA interview table Today Moroka Swallows player, Larry Cohen is here talking soccer, fitness and of course all the important hustle he took to get where he is today!

GoTrendSA: Larry, thanks for joining us on GoTrendSA, tell us a little more about yourself!

Larry Cohen: Thank you having me. Keep reading and you will find out a bit more about me….

GoTrendSA: So Larry, you’re currently apart of the popular soccer team, Moroka Swallows, how has the experience treated you so far?

Larry Cohen: I have really enjoyed my time at Swallows and for me its a honour and privilege to play for one the biggest and oldest teams in South Africa.

GoTrendSA: What got you started in soccer?

Larry Cohen: My father was a professional soccer player so I think it was just in the blood. For as long as I can remember, I just wanted to play soccer and there was nothing else I wanted to do, there was just a fire/burn inside me to play this beautiful game!

GoTrendSA: Playing soccer obviously means you have to keep yourself at optimum fitness! Can you give us a little insight into your training/health schedule?

Larry Cohen: Obviously my body is important tool for me to do well in my job. On a normal week IIMG_3584 wake up at about 6 and gym from 6:30 to 7:30 then have breakfast, and off I go to train with the team. We normally have to be in 8 for 8:30 and train for about 2 hours. I also work with a guy named Craig Lewis who is a sports scientist who helps me with my speed and strength training.

GoTrendSA: Soon, you’ll be off soon to join Team Lithuania in the Euro 2016 qualifiers, this is a huge opportunity! Are you excited?

Larry Cohen: Yes, I’m very excited and looking forward to the game. It’s an important game for us in terms of qualifying for the Euro cup next year, so hopefully we can get a result against England!

GoTrendSA: Larry, when you’re not on the field or training, what else do you do in your free time?

Larry Cohen: I am starting to get involved in some business stuff so trying to get that up and running but other than that in my free time I just like to chill, relax and listen to music.

GoTrendSA: Larry, have you got any advice for anyone keen on getting into pro soccer?

IMG_3585[1]Larry Cohen: Dedicate yourself, Work hard and most important believe in yourself. If you want it bad enough and you do those things. I think you’re definitely headed in the right direction!

GoTrendSA: What is your biggest accomplishment in your sports career so far?

Larry Cohen: I definitely think being called up to the Lithuanian National team for the qualifier this month is one of the biggest highlights of my career. I think every footballers dream is to play at international level.

GoTrendSA: Larry, where can we catch up with you on social media!

Larry Cohen: You can catch me on Twitter @larry_cohen and Instagram: @larry_cohen.

GoTrendSA: Lastly, we have to ask, what are you hoping to achieve this year?

Larry Cohen: Obviously with the national team I want to qualify for the Euro cup next year and at club level with Swallows, I just want to finish as high up as possible in the league.

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