Trend Factor: Dr Reddy talks Aesthetic trends for 2015!

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Dr Anushka Reddy

On Tuesday, March 31st 2015 we were fortunate enough to sit down with the astounding Dr Reddy from Medi-Sculpt clinic, at the glamorous, Saxon spa! We spoke about how medical Non-surgical techniques have increased in previous years and yes, even talking about how selfies affect our outlook on our bodies!

1: Share the one innovation or trend that you are most excited about and how this will change the current face of aesthetic medicine:

Dr Reddy: There are many advancements that could well change the face of aesthetic medicine in the coming year, from Botulinum toxin techniques to improved semi-invasive thread lifts. The area I am most excited about however is skin re-inflation.

Non-surgical techniques with 3rd generation fillers containing calcium hydroxylapatite offer minimal discomfort, no social downtime and lifted and volumized skin. Say good-bye to jowels non-surgically!

Non-sagging skin eliminates many anti-ageing concerns and should be the base of all treatments.

Of course there are also oral tablets containing phytofluenes for lightening and brightening the skin. They are proving to generate superb results. These products for some patients eliminate the need for laser or other more aggressive treatments and further innovation in this field would excite me a great deal.

2: Choose your favourite Anti-Ageing ingredient and share why?

Dr Reddy: If it came down to a single ingredient then I would be hard pressed to say anything other than retinol. There are risks in using retinol and very few products can be considered safe and effective, in my opinion but when used correctly and in optimum concentrations, retinol products are an anti-ageing god send ingredient.

This may seen old fashioned, but HA Dermal fillers are still my favourite anti-ageing aesthetic treatment. They combine with everything from Botulinum toxin to laser, and the molecule is designed to attract and hold moisture in the skin further enhancing skin hydration, which eliminates many fine lines and ageing concerns. Correct use of HA dermal fillers is akin to having two treatments in one.

If you were asking for a non-invasive treatment option, then I would definitely say the combination of phytofluenes for skin brightening and the calcium filler for skin lifting and volumising. You will be amazed at what a smooth and blemish free complexion can do for your skin confidence.

Doctor Reddy continued to say that the “Selfie” generation has had a missive effect on how the average human perceives themselves, thus increasing the invasive and non-invasive procedures to alter ones appearance. She also mentions that procedures such as Botox and even fillers do not carry around the stigma that they used to, also mentioning they’ve come a long way in improving the technology. So no, you won’t have a frozen face!

To find out more info from Dr Reddy you can catch up with her on Twitter at (@DrAReddy) or visit her website at for more information about treatments, remedies and much more goodness to keep you eyes on!

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