Tumi Voster shares her Dubai Experience!

4E_DubaiThe girls of 4ElementsMedia (Owner and CEO Lorinda Voges, singer LeAnne Dlamini, business owner & presenter Shashi Naidoo and Presenter Tumi Vostergot a chance to explore what to Dubai had to offer while, they also attended the 5th Season of the Fashion Forward show!

We have a quick chat with radio personality, Tumi Voster on her experience and what it was like to experience such a fashion forward country!

GoTrendSA: Tumi, welcome back from Dubai! it looks like you had an amazing time, want to give us the low down on your fantastic trip away?

Tumi: The trip was more than what I expected it to be. Dubai is an amazing place and it’s more than just about the fashion but it’s also about the people, culture and tradition. I loved that. From the desert safari, to the camels to the dune drive, belly dancing and the sunset. It shows you the true beauty of Dubai.

GoTrendSA: So, when you travel what are most essential beauty products to take with?Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 15.48.42

Tumi: Sunscreen, MAC mineralize skinfinish, foundation, lipsticks, Vaseline and hand lotion.

GoTrendSA: Experiencing Dubai Fashion Forward Week must of been amazing, were there any designers that specifically stuck out to you, why?

Tumi: Ezra couture, the designer understands a woman’s silhouette. And I loved the use of the soft tones that were used to compliment the designs

GoTrendSA: Dubai is known for it’s shopping, did you find anything unique on your trip?

Tumi: I was totally obsessed with the Dubai Forever 21. Everything from their handbags, to jeans to shoes to winter coats were just so unique.

GoTrendSA: Has experiencing Dubai changed the way you would piece together your outfits or buy new trends, how are they different from South Africa? Have you learn’t any new fashion tips from abroad?

Tumi: I think it’s similar to our SA fashion but also somewhat differs because firstly they have one of the biggest malls in the world, they exposed to far more fashion forward item choices and brands but I believe social media and the internet has allowed fashion lovers from all over the world to somewhat connect in understanding and exploring world trends so we do catch up very fast in SA and we definitely are a growing country in terms of fashion.

GoTrendSA: What was your favourite outfit on the trip, why?

Tumi: My black jumpsuit from forever 21. It’s so sexy and chic. I’m a fan of simple and clean and it gives me that feeling when I’m wearing it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 15.46.55GoTrendSA: Did you wear any traditional fashion in Dubai, what was it like to experience it?

Tumi:Just the abaya when we were on the desert. It was lovely, it’s always good to acknowledge and appreciate other peoples culture and tradition.

For more from Tumi, you can keep up with her on Twitter: @TumiVoster!

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