BLACK PEARL now offered at Crystal Clear!

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 22.57.41Crystal Clear is excited to announce the launch of Black Pearl products and treatment in their store. BLACK PEARL cosmetics are a luxurious and innovative range of skin care products now available in South Africa. Enriched with a complex containing Tahitian Black Pearl, seaweed and a combination of unique minerals, it is a powerful anti-ageing line. Tahitian Black Pearl from French Polynesia contains 18 amino acids, organic-matrix calcium carbonate, zinc, selenium, titanium and protein.

These unique, natural ingredients provide intensive hydration, exfoliation and skin remineralisation to promote skin radiance and reduce wrinkles. Seaweed, rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals improves the suppleness and elasticity of your skin through the renewal of damaged skin cells. Minerals including magnesium, calcium, bromide, zinc, iron, sulphur and strontium, are rich in anti-oxidants and have long been known for their healing properties. They have proven effective in slowing down the aging process, increasing skin vitality and giving it an iridescent appearance. Crystal Clear offers a Precious Stone Black Pearl Collagen Infusion treatment. This 30 minute treatment begins with a semi-precious stone ritual to relax your body and mind. The skin is cleansed, toned and then exfoliated with a pearl mask.

The finest pure collagen is infused into the skin using a scientific delivery system which assists the deep penetration of collagen. This allows the skin to receive a significant boost of collagen, which replenishes its own depleting source and gives you a flawless youthful tightening. A collagen mask and serum is massaged into the face and then finally a collagen day cream is applied. The results are immediately visible! The signature Black Pearl range is for all skin types and includes the following products:

1. Prestige G-Mask – Gravity Black Mud Mask Enriched with Japanese oils, vitamins and plant extracts, the G-mask infuses the active ingredients directly into the skin using gravity through the unique properties of magnetism. The mask purifies and cleanses through exfoliation of skin cells and allows maximum absorption of moisture and nourishment, providing a firm tone, silky smooth texture and clear radiant appearance. This mask contains very high concentrations of a special anti-ageing algae rich in Vitamin A.

2. Pearl Peeling Mask – Exfoliating Mask A delicate deep cleansing mask with the added moisturising benefits of Japanese oils. The mask exfoliates, removing skin cells and provides extra nourishment to give the skin a refreshed radiant glow. It can be used as an exfoliator three to four times weekly as well as a leave on mask.

3. Neck & Décolleté Mask – Daily Enrichment Treatment A special treatment for use on the delicate skin of the neck, shoulders and chest that will leave skin soft, glowing and healthy.

4. Prestige Capsules – Age Control Repair Complex Deep penetrating skin serum with added aromatic oils and plant extracts.

The capsules revitalise tired skin damaged by sunlight and aging through moisturising and improving elasticity. Continuous use aids in smoothing out lines and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Use under a moisturiser or nourishing cream, in the morning or at night. One of the signature offerings in the Black Pearl line is The Collagen Kit, which is a selection of collagen products augmented with minerals and oils. Collagen, the main structural protein found in skin, diminishes with age leading to sagging and wrinkles. Collagen’s intensive firming properties give the skin volume and support, improving firmness and texture to give you a fresh, youthful look. These products can be used individually or in combination to achieve the best results for your skin. The kit contains:

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 23.08.091. Pure Collagen Firming Mask

2. Pure Collagen Firming Serum

3. Pure Collagen Firming Day Cream.

For more information and great skincare tips, feel free to come in store to chat to the Crystal Clear skincare therapists about this new range and to learn more about the different products and treatments offered!

Located in ‘The Parks’ Shopping Centre.

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