Bringing The Market to your door: The Munching Mongoose!

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 10.23.19In Jozi there’s nothing better than going down to your favourite markets and picking up organically produced goodies. Often though with our big city life there’s never enough time! Introducing, the first of its kind, The Munching Mongoose!

The Munching Mongoose source all different types of healthy, organic food and produce, then deliver it straight to your door, no hassles, worries or fuss! You can get your hands on some of these great options, suitable for all budgets and families sizes:

Options at the moment include varied amounts of the following:

  • Farm-fresh, free-range, grass-fed milk
  • Locally made organic and gourmet cheese
  • Free-range, pasture-fed eggs
  • Fresh & seasonal fruit and vegetables from ethical farms
  • Artisan Bread
  • A surprise product or two

MM-1977You can choose from these options:

Mini Box / Bag:  5-6 veg, 1L milk, 6 eggs, 1 cheese, 1 bread and 1 novelty product   R399 (per week)

Midi Box:  5-6 veg, 2L milk, 12 eggs, 2 cheese, 1 bread and 1 novelty product    R479 (per week)

Maxi Box:  8-9 veg, 3L milk, 18 eggs, 2 cheese, 2 bread and 2 novelty products    R649 (per week)

Banting Box:  5-6 veg, 2L Milk, 12 Eggs, 2 Cheese, 1-2 surprise products    R569 (per week)

No Veg Box:  2L milk, 12 eggs, 2 cheese, 1 bread and 1 novelty product    R409 (per week)

Getting healthy food delivered right to your door has never been easier! Remember you can catch The Munching Mongoose at, don’t forget to stay up to date with them on their Facebook page and Twitter Account.

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