There’s more to LG than electronics

1535378_10152933178380975_3004985390562180367_nWhen you hear the name LG, you immediately think of some of the best, and most widely used, home electronics and mobile devices in the world.

Nothing wrong with that, but LG is more than just a home electronics and mobile company; in fact, LG is comprised of a whopping 63 companies which all fall under the umbrella of LG Corporation.


The 63 companies are broken down into 3 main categories:


  • Electronics (17 companies)

Including LG Electronics and LG Display.

  • Chemicals (16 companies)

Including LG Chem and LG Household & healthcare

  • Telecom & Services (30 companies)

Including LG U+ (a telecommunications network in South Korea) and LG CNS.


Each of the 63 companies operates independently of each other, much the way that each of the companies under Google’s Alphabet umbrella operate separately. This means that these companies service, sell and work with companies, which are competitors to other companies under the LG Corp umbrella.


With 2015 being the 20th anniversary of LG Electronics, here are a few interesting facts that you might not have known about the South Korean giant.


  1. LG began as 2 separate companies, Lucky and Goldstar.
  2. LG has made over US$136.7 Billion revenue
  3. In 1999, LG partnered with Phillips to develop an LCD factory in South Korea.
  4. LG has only been involved in mobile since 2008
  5. In 2014, LG introduced the world’s first 4K OLED TV, making them the only company to merge OLED & 4K technology.


LG might be a huge corporation but one of the values that they have stuck to is the importance of the consumer i.e. you.

While they might bring out new products all the time, everything LG does is driven by you.

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