Speed up in style with the Ford Focus Sedan!

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 17.27.38Getting into a vehicle in todays world is way more involved than just being concerned if it drives well or not. Today on GoTrendSA we talk about the amazing Ford Focus Sedan and it’s amazing magic trick under the hood, EcoBoost! We’ve got some speedy facts coming your way with the brand new car that gave us life!

There’s so many cars on the market, what do you choose, what is the best for fuel, what will ensure I save money in the long run? All these questions go through our head when buying a car and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t! Investing in a car is an important time in your life. and today we get to tell you about one of our favourite cars that we definitely recommend – the Ford Focus Sedan!

The main area of it’s excel is definitely in the urban jungle. This car was made for Sandton and all it’s twisty roads and hill climbs. It takes them with a breeze which many other cars and automatics really struggle with. The start/stop technology is a great feature that saves you a ton of petrol in the long run. When you stop at the stop street the engine powers off and when it’s time to go, the engine is immediately reactivated by removing the foot from the brake!

One of the quirkiest but most functional pieces of tech in the car is most definitely the Lane Departure function: “Lane Departure Warning is designed to recognise when you approach the road markings without using the indicator, and alerts you with vibrations through the steering wheel. Lane Departure Warning is designed to apply steering torque back towards the lane you were in to help you recognise that corrective action is required. Operates at speeds over 65km/h on multi-lane roads with clearly visible lane markings.”

The real star of the show is Fords innovative technology also known as EcoBoost! For those of you who’ve probably heard of it but who’ve never actually took time to understand it, we’ve got the scoop! EcoBoost is a combination of turbocharging and direct fuel injection that improves fuel economy without the effects of lowering engine power. The use of EcoBoost really does make a difference and we had no idea until we tried it! The turbo really kicks in, you can feel it but it doesn’t feel like your going to start up a drag race at the robot either, which is something we really do love about it!

The cars insides is what makes us really excited. It’s kind of like when you’ve reorganised your desk and everything looks so neat and tidy. But with the Ford you never have to worry about it getting messy! From answering calls, to adjusting volume and even activating the onboard voice commands – your steering wheel can still do way more than you after your morning coffee. The use of the parking cameras is extremely neat, never accidentally bash into anything again, the cameras show you the way, and help you manoeuvre even out of the tightest situations!

The Ford Focus has everything in one place! it's amazing because whatever you need to control the car is right in front of your eyes, which means less fuss - less distraction!
The Ford Focus has everything in one place! it’s amazing because whatever you need to control the car is right in front of your eyes, which means less fuss – less distraction!



  1. Having everything you need in one compact area – super cool and doesn’t distract
  2. The car is so neat on the inside, it feels so spacious!
  3. The EcoBoost is definitely a feature we definitely didn’t know we needed, and now we don’t know how we’ll ever live without!
  4. The AUX and USB options are neatly hidden away inside the arm rest, it’s such a great idea for keeping everything tidy, but easily accessible!
  5. The “Lane Departure” warning system is one of the coolest things we’ve seen in a while and helps out for when you’re driving too close to the line.
  6. We had to point out the neat feature of adjustable cup holders, making your holder fit snug tight on any drink is a feature we love, less spills and more organisation!


  1. The automated quick clear windscreen function is a genius idea, however the contraption is just so big it makes it super distracting to the driver. when looking out the windscreen.
  2. It can be a little confusing to a person who is upgrading to their first major car that has all the bells and whistles. But once learned, the car can be utilised to do a lot for the driver.
  3. Well the Focus hatchback is a little shy on boot space the Sedan makes up for it big time, thank goodness! We’d rather pick the Sedan over the Hatch any day, and you should too if you focus (see what we did there!) on using your boot a lot.
  4. The car doesn’t come in the widest selection of colours, Ford didn’t offer the biggest selection here, but we hope this will improve in the later models.

There’s definitely way more advantages than disadvantages with the Ford Focus Sedan, it’s eye catching, powerful and economically friendly with a environmental soul to add. Everything you could ever want in 2016! If you’re keen on finding out more on the Ford Focus, visit www.ford.co.za and book a test drive to see exactly what we’re talking about!

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