A blend of dark wood and white flowers ventures into a world of mystery Exploring the universe is the ultimate travel fantasy and most thrilling adventure. Matière Noire plumbs intangible depths with a journey through the darkest, most precious woods, namely patchouli and Laos agarwood. The agarwood’s animal notes are intensified by blackcurrant and contrasted with the whiteness of narcissus and jasmine, a floral vibration that cuts the darkness like a comet. Plumes of sacred notes unfurl on the skin. The disruption is total, almost mystical.

Louis Vuitton roles out their range of elegant new fragrances in South Africa!

Image Source: https://fimgs.net/images/secundar/o.42658.jpg
Image Source: https://fimgs.net/images/secundar/o.42658.jpg

When it comes to Louis Vuitton we all know their iconic bags, recognisable monograms and their presence as one of the most sought after designer items in the world. So it’s no surprise that Louis Vuitton decided to shock their loyal fans and fragrance fanatics by releasing their first range of fragrances in over 70 years!

We joined Louis Vuitton in Sandton City last week to discuss the new range of LV Parfums with some of the biggest fashion media and celebs in South Africa. If you’re all about LV than be sure to keep reading for all the info!

Master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, a native of Grasse, the birthplace of both perfume and leather craftsmanship, spent months travelling the world in search of inspiration. Breathing the fragrance of exotic places and rare materials, he created Les Parfums Louis Vuitton: a journey of emotions. His job was to ensure he could bring the master senses of these fragrances and the iconic legacy of Louis Vuitton together so that you could enjoy them together in one sensory experience!

The seven fragrances have each a unique story to tell, and Belletrud has travelled the world ensuring that when the creation touches your bare skin, that the story just begins:

“Of course, there already exist a number of notes for simulating the presence of leather in a perfume formula but visiting Louis Vuitton’s various workshops inspired Jacques Cavallier Belletrud to invent a made-to-measure infusion. Of all the leather aromas he explored, the one that drew him in was the gentle scent of natural leather, the light beige material used to cover the handles and straps of the Maison’s trunks and handbags. Fascinated by the subtlety of its fragrance, which is more floral than musky, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud asked the perfume workshop for an extraction of this leather. Steeped in alcohol, leather becomes resinoid, a dark substance that was clarified again and again until a limpid note was achieved. On the skin, it’s a perfume unto itself. This exclusive note possesses neither the aggressiveness of cade (juniper) nor the smokiness of birch. It is soft and sensual, like discovering leather for the first time.”

Click on the fragrances below to read their full story:

May we just add in that Louis Vuitton really ensured that their fragrances would be a game changer in the market. Designer luxury bottles and magnetic caps are just the beginning of the detail that they put into the creation of their perfume bottles. There’s nothing excessive but everything essential. It’s the Louis Vuitton you’ve come to love and now you can wear it even more, we definitely give these fragrances a 5 star rating, but then again how could we not? It’s Louis Vuitton!

Les Parfums Louis Vuitton: available from September 2016 in Louis Vuitton Stores, South Africa. You can visit either Louis Vuitton Sandton city in Johannesburg, or V&A Waterfront in Cape Town to grab yourself a bottle or two today!

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