Pandora releases Symbolism Collection – For The Magic In You.

This spring, bring a touch of magic to every day with jewellery that hints at your hidden depths with the launch of a new series inspired by mysticism, Pandora releases evocative new pieces that are a reminder of life’s mysteries and the power of the universe.

Ranging from sparkling moons and stars to the Hand of Hamsa, the new collection is full of iconic symbols that take on unique meanings for women everywhere. The new bracelets, charms, earrings and rings allow you to express yourself at a deeper level by wearing symbols of who you are and what you believe in.

Beyond exceptional design and craftsmanship, these symbolic jewellery pieces also tap into the wellness and spirituality zeitgeist that has shifted our collective focus inward, towards personal happiness and journeys of self-discovery. Where do you come from and where do you want to go? What and who matters most to you? The pieces in the new series allow women to tell their stories with jewellery that represents their many layers.

Visit your nearest Pandora store to see the full collections!

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