Invigorating Halls Air Flash Mob surprises Maponya Mall shoppers!


On Saturday 22nd October 2016, at Maponya Mall in Johannesburg, surprised shoppers were stopped in their tracks as they watched a completely unexpected HALLS Candy Flash Mob. The mob completely surprised the crowd and brought smiles to their faces as they watched the dancers do their performance in the name of HALLS Air candy!

HALLS, the world’s #1 Candy, wanted to show South Africans what “HALLS Air” was all about and how it invigorates you to overcome dull moments which you could encounter during the day. Getting consumers to see and feel HALLS Air was achieved through the use of a wild ‘bucket-playing’ drummer, a diverse range of acapella singers, spirited break dancers and finally a group of Kasi-style pantsula dancers who passed HALLS Air invigoration on to the next performer in a ‘relay-style’ dance routine.

Tamryn Attwell, Mondelez SA Brand Manager for Halls says, “HALLS is an iconic candy in South Africa, steeped in consumer trust and heritage. And while our fans know us as a refreshing candy, the HALLS Air flash mob was conceptualised to demonstrate our unique point of difference – that Halls is in fact an EVERYDAY candy with HALLS Air, which lets you feel the invigoration in every breath you take.”

You can watch the Halls Flash Mob here to see all the fun that was had on Saturday at the mall! []

With five invigorating flavours to choose from, there’s a refreshing Halls candy to suit every occasion, to stimulate taste buds and minds! Reawaken your senses and breathe HALLS AIR to get things done, remember you can pick up your HALLS Candy at any good store, make sure you’ve always got them on hand for a HALLS Air moment! You can also follow HALLS SA us on Facebook  and Twitter

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