Office Hero: The Epson L850 will save your day!

mainPrinting, what a topic! If you’re a 21st century business owner, an on the go Student, someone who works at their home office, or even a parent who prints out crafts for the kids, chances are you know how much of a necessity a good quality printer has become and unfortunately, you also know the price of ink! Today on GoTrendSA we discuss and review the ultimate in Low Cost printing technology for Epson South Africa, the awesome Epson L850!

“The very first A4 6-colour ITS multifunction photo printer with an LCD screen, delivering low-cost and Epson-quality PC-less photo printing.” That’s the punch line for one of Epson’s first of many revolutionary printing machines that has taken South Africa by storm! Epson’s very first ink tank printer brings about a very interesting look at the way we use our printers in different environments and also the way we can conserve ink in the cheapest way possible!

The printer promises a lot with a single set of cartridges: “The L850 offers affordable printing and a low cost per print. Each set of ink bottles can print up to 1900 10x15cm photos1, delivering an ultra-low cost per photo.” We took the test and although we couldn’t quite get to 1900 photos we managed to print an epic 100 images without the printing cartridges even taking a massive knock, super impressive and incredible to think that Epson has taken ink conservation to a whole other level! The printer itself, is fast. It is 2016 and no one wants to stand in front of their printers waiting for images to creep out. We were impressed that the Epson spit out crisp, clear photos every 12 seconds and ensured that they were of finest quality too!

The printer highlights some nifty features, that we never knew we needed (and now can’t live without!) such as a direct USB and SD card slot which means less wires and less fuss when it comes to printing your images and documents, quickly, without opening your computer up. Although we have all good things to report, there is one con, the printer itself is rather massive, but if you have a great amount of desk space or a dedicated area in your office for a printer, you shouldn’t find it that difficult to fit it in, as it isn’t that much bigger than a regular printer that you’d use. Then again for an ink storage system that will last forever, we really can sacrifice some space! #TheBiggerTheBetter

The purpose-built ink tank is fully integrated into the printer, so you can enjoy reliable colour printing without the mess or hassle often associated with non-genuine refills and third-party ink tank systems. Epson genuine ink bottles make it easy to refill the ink tank with their clear labelling and drip-free nozzle. The L850 has 70ml ink tanks and comes with a 12 month (or 3,000 page) warranty, providing peace of mind and help should you need it. The super cool ink tank is transparent showing you your ink levels and with it clipping neatly on the side of the printer, it’s great to see!

Overall we’ve fallen in love with the Epson L850 and its become part of the family along with our other office friends. The printer boasts a free three year warranty, thus making sure your new bff is covered for a while and ensuring you have a great quality device to back your projects for years to come!

Remember you can pick up your amazing Epson L850 or home or office at any leading retail store, or for more information on their whole range of printers and products you can head over to their website over HERE!

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