Get your FREE HIV Test in the privacy of your own home with the INSTI HIV Self Test!

Now more than ever it’s key to know your status. HIV testing can be daunting when you need to go out and buy the test or even go to a clinic and get it done in front of other people. In some cases you may even wait a while for your tests which can let your nerves run wild. We’re super excited to announce that BioLytical in collaboration with the Department of Health in South Africa have released the INSTI HIV Self Test.

The test uses simple flow-through technology to detect HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies using a drop of human fingerstick blood. The test is intended for use by untrained lay users as a self test to aid in the diagnosis of HIV-1 and HIV-2 infection using a small drop (50μL) of blood obtained through fingerstick collection procedures. The test takes only one minute and is more than 99% accurate making this an extremely reliable option for South African users who want to know their status.

The South African Department of Health is currently rolling out globally accredited HIV self-screening kits to selected communities across the country. For a limited period, both blood and oral self-screening kits are available for FREE on this website.


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