Francois Hougaard awarded the YOU Spectacular: Sexiest Man title.

Francois Hougaard rocking a suit and tie at the You Spectacular! - Image from 4Elements
Francois Hougaard rocking a suit and tie at the You Spectacular! – Image from 4Elements.

“YOU Magazine has been awarding South African hunks with the title Sexiest Man for years now, and this year the magazine gave its award to Francois Hougaard, arguably one of SA’s best rugby players.

He has piercing green eyes, a winning smile, tons of talent on the field, loves to cook and dress up. No wonder South African female members of a dating site voted Francois as the most sought after sport’s hottie earlier on last week.

The sporting star doesn‘t quite see himself the way millions of fans do. When asked about the title, Hougaard said: “I think it’s really cool that a guy who isn’t a model can have this title. I am really flattered and appreciate everyone that voted.”

While Francois is as tough as they come on the field, away from the action he’s a man very comfortable with his masculinity and enjoys some of the finer things in life. It’s almost fitting that he is an Ambassador for Luxury Lifestyle Rewards Programme, Legacy Lifestyle. Francois is equally comfortable suiting up in AM Bespoke or hanging out in jeans and a hoodie, with a wide range of outfits to choose from thanks to his sponsor Puma. There is also little wonder that Men’s Health and Sports Illustrated chose to put Francois on the cover of their magazine, as his trendy look is amplified by his healthy lifestyle and diet that doesn’t include sweets or chocolate.

Nobody would argue that he’s a man’s man, but he also takes care of himself and embraces the metrosexual tag that come along with looking good. The mullet is gone thanks to his hair stylists at Pulse Salon and he is the only sportsman being endorsed in South Africa by international skincare brand Dermalogica.

Francois is dynamic and goal driven, an exceptional sportsman and believes in good conditioning and part of his training regime, he also loves working out at S.W.E.A.T1000. He also understands the benefits of the correct nutritional and supplementation strategies and is a proud ambassador for USN.

Francois is well known for his decorative tattoos, with all five pieces of ink work holding significant meaning to the Springbok star. His favourite quote is one of his tattoos: “Every person’s life is a fairy tale written by God’s hands, honour your character and embrace your life experiences!”

– 4Elements

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