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After the massive success of Love SA Music’s first live show in August which featured Desmond & The Tutus, Shortstraw and Zoey’z Fallacy. Love SA Music has announced the power lineup for their next show: Headlining the show is Matthew Mole. Matthew will be joined by Shadowclub frontman Jacques Moolman plus top comedian Ryan Whittal!

Date: Monday 28 October 2013

Doors open: 7pm

Venue: Parkers Comedy Club, Montecasino, Johannesburg

Cost: R100 per person

Bookings: Email

Matthew Mole says:

‘I’m not the best at speaking, but through music it’s natural. It takes up a lot of my time, it drives me, it makes me who I am. I try to live my life a little differently to the way most people think it should be done. For me, music is very closely linked to that. I like to try and bring my hopes and beliefs through that. What I aim to achieve is for people be affected by my music – in a great way, a way that will make them think about where they’re at. Something that everyone can relate to.

If you had to force something out of me, I’d tell you that I play Folk music. Folk music with an Electronic back bone. I have so many influences, ranging from the people everyone’s heard of, like Mumford & Sons, to people like Gold Panda.

I hope that this musical adventure, way of life if you will, I’m taking will help you to enjoy whatever adventure you are taking.’

Jacques Moolman.
Jacques Moolman.

Jacques Moolman is no stranger to the South African music industry. He first burst onto the scene as the frontman of Airship Orange, which grabbed as much attention for their bad behavior as their great music! ‘Airship Orange had a terrible reputation,’ admits Moolman. ‘And rightly so. We were signed when we were 20. We were extremely immature and constantly in trouble. We got in to skirmishes with other bands, we got drunk, we trashed our own equipment. It didn’t help that we were sponsored by a brewery, so there were always crates of free beer about. I mean, it’s funny to look back on, but in the end we all wanted out.’ Crucially, Moolman and band mate Isaac Klawansky quit to start afresh in a band that sounded nothing like their old one.

The result of which is the critically acclaimed rock outfit, Shadowclub, of which Jacques is also the frontman. More recently Jacques has been presenting the solo side of himself much to the delight of his solid fan base around Joburg. These solo performances aren’t very regular so don’t miss this very special opportunity!

And what could be better than live music? Live music with a side of live comedy, of course! Which is why we’re excited to announce Ryan Whittal as our first comedian to join our live shows! Ryan started his comedy journey in May 1999. He started with a blast, doing each show as if it were his last. (In case rumours that the world would end on December 31st came true.) The name Ryan Whittal and Comedy Genius have been used in the same sentence. And that sentence was, “Is Ryan Whittal a Comedy Genius, as he thinks he is?” Come find out as he joins our power line-up!

Join us at Montecasino on Monday 28 October for what promises to be one of the best nights of your year! #YearOfSAMusic

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