Ten at 10: GoTrend Chats with Vaughn Thiel!

Scrap those Monday morning blues GoTrender’s, we’re here with another Ten at 10 segment and today we’re interviewing someone truly special and unique! We sit down with Cliff Central’s “The Spoken Hustle” host, Vaughn Thiel! We’ve got all the low down on his rise to radio and more!

GoTrend: Vaughn, thank you for joining us on GoTrendSA! Tell us a little more about yourself?

10526076_10152620864313028_3244874252531322621_nVaughn: Well, there are two parts to me that I like to bring across when asked a question like this. The first part is that, I am a 24 year old guy (I like to use the word guy because I am no longer a boy and not quite yet a man) that lives in Pretoria and works full time in the beautiful city of JHB as a Digital Marketer. Recently, well 5 months ago to be exact, I auditioned at Cliff Central and have since been apart of the drive time show called “Kellman on Cliff Central” with host, Arye Kellman where I have my own segment on a Monday at 5pm called #TheSpokenHustle. In between working and conceptualizing content for my show I am also faced with the sometimes daunting task of completing my studies in Media with a major in Marketing at Boston Media House in Sandton where I hold a full bursary. Now that the factual side of me is covered, I like to introduce the part of me that me speaks of who I am.

To describe a persons character in a single piece of writing or a single interview is one of the most challenging tasks anyone can be faced with. In my eyes a persons character is the fabric of their soul, the fabric on which they paints their future, their dreams and their passions. This is what I have learnt over the past few years through various events that have taken place over my 24 years of living. Who I am? I am a product of my thoughts and a result of the actions that my thoughts encourage me to take, I am a dreamer, a passionate young man with a hunger to make a difference in the world I live in and to do so with some humour, some style and with a humble heart.

GoTrend: You’ve joined Cliff Central with your show called “The Spoken Hustle,” what’s it all about and how has your experience been so far?

Vaughn: The show is based around inspiring Generation Y by relating to every day challenges the youth face and offering possible solutions in a manner that is far from your regular “motivational talks”‘. My generation inspires me. Not only by all the good they might have done but rather the undeniable potential they all carry. The potential to be the change we all want to see. I have learnt that in order for any major change to take place within a society, a change needs to inspired within an individual. This is is the change I wish to spark in people through my show. Encouraging individuality, creativity, conscious thinking, hard work and expression. I believe when a person starts to implement these characteristics in their lives, they being to thrive and they do so not only abundantly but most importantly they do so peacefully.

GoTrend: Okay, so your Twitter name is (@VaughnThePoet) which means you’re into poetry, tell us more!

Vaughn: I have been writing poetry for years, I started writing poems in Gr11, After finishing a test or an exam, I would ask for extra paper and scribble some poetry down. I have actually kept many of these poems, which I keep in a box. I don’t think I will ever share these with the world, because it gives me a deep sense of personal progression. However, I have recently started creating a blog where I will be uploading some older poems and some of my new work, I will also be uploading my thoughts in the form of a blog roll and finally, I am going to start shooting Spoken Word videos which will also be uploaded onto the website. My spoken word piece on Feminism will be my very first video, so I am really excited about that. Poetry means a lot to me, from the very first time my pencil touched that piece of paper in that cold exam room and I bled my soul out in the form of led, I can safely say that, I have never been the same.

GoTrend: Funny story, we met you on a Shuttle-Bus in Cape Town after an A-List event, where you revealed you feel strongly about feminism, have you had negative feedback for being a “Male feminist?”

10340162_10152835067808028_725261331866879883_nVaughn: Haha yes I have, mostly from men. Its cool though, I have always been proud of who I am and open with my opinions, I actually appreciate the negative feedback because it kind of gives me the opportunity to enlighten a mind which might be ignorant. Many people don’t understand what Feminism really means, they seem to think that it entails woman walking this earth with a whip lashing out at men as it they were the last piece of bread in the loaf, you know that piece that nobody wants? well, they are very mistaken and I am always happy to address this situation. There are also people that completely understand what Feminism is about but still do not agree with the idea. This is also okay, because I guess that the freedom to be who you are is also one of life’s beauties. I will just never understand why a person would place themselves above another based on ideologies that derive from the days when we were still cavemen.

GoTrend: Just starting out in this industry, what experiences have you had that you could tell someone who would also want to start out?

Vaughn: It has been a wonderful experience and a complete eye opener to the dynamic entertainment industry in South Africa. The advice I would give a young person looking to get into the industry would be to find what it is that makes you feel alive and in touch with the depth of your character. Once you have found that, go knock on doors and take any opportunity you can get to express the very same thing that makes you feel alive.

GoTrend: What do you like to do in your free time when you’re not working or planning shows?

Vaughn: I enjoy a variety of different things, I like boxing, playing indoor soccer, reading, I enjoy watching stand up comedy, acting the fool with my girlfriend and closest friends and of course writing poetry.

GoTrend: What are some of your essential hangout spots in Joburg?

Vaughn: I really enjoy the Maboneng Precinct, I like the creative vibe there. I sometimes enjoy going to SWAY and The Sands when they have events. I am a Hip Hop fan so when I feel like ”Turning Up” I like to hit places that play some good Hip Hop.

GoTrend: From what we’ve seen so far Vaughn, you’re a breathe of fresh air to the airwaves! Where do you want to see yourself this time next year?

Vaughn: Thank you very much, I appreciate your words. Well, I would like to see myself in a position where I can inspire, lead and bring change to society and specifically to my generation. Radio is a brilliant medium to reach people and Cliff Central have shown confidence in me and my ideas, so it would be awesome to grow with the station and add to their movement.

GoTrend: Where can we find you online besides your Twitter account? You can find me on: Instagram: @VaughnThePoetFacebook: Vaughn Thiel. My blog will be up soon and I will be sharing it on my social profiles, so please keep an eye out for that!

GoTrend: Lastly, what is your essential mantra?

Vaughn: I would say my mantra is one which I created at the beginning of this year, it goes as follows: “We can all live a picture perfect life, we just need to learn how to paint.”

We can easily say that this has been one of the most insightful interviews that we’ve had on GoTrend! It doesn’t take a scientist to know that the future is bright for Vaughn, and we’re excited for things to come! But in the meantime catch up with him on The Spoken Hustle, every Monday at 5pm, on Cliff Central!

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