Power in your pocket, we review the Fujifilm X70!

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 22.56.14The perfect camera… we know you’re out there, your crisp images are amazing, your battery lasts for days, your features hit all the right spots. But, the deal breaker, your size! While cameras are increasing in features and quality, so are their size! Now they do say dynamite comes in small packages so our friends at Fujifilm South Africa handed us the brand new X70 to take out for a couple days, and this is our experience!

The brand new Fujifilm X70 is definitely something we’ve never thought we’d come across, a camera that’s little, boasts clear and crisp images and still stays within a great price point? That’s impossible, well forget everything you know, you’re wrong! The Fujifilm X70 features a 18.5mm F2.8 wide-angle fixed lens capable of covering everything from snapshots to landscapes. Using technologies developed in the X100 series, the newly-designed FUJINON lens is optimized for the 16.3-megapixel APS-C sized X-Trans CMOS II sensor and produces outstanding detail and sharpness.

Yum! Look at this Cake Pop mountain we snapped a shot of at a recent event. Taken with the X70 the lighting is soft yet the picture is clear with a natural amount of bokeh! - We're obsessed.
Yum! Look at this Cake Pop mountain we snapped a shot of at a recent event. Taken with the X70 the lighting is soft yet the picture is clear with a natural amount of bokeh! – We’re obsessed.

You can definitely see this in your photos too, whether you’re opting for a selfie or a perfect landscape shot the Fujifilm X70 adapts to your needs with the swivel touch screen at the back of the camera. The results for such a little camera are really quite impressive. Although it’s just a point and shoot camera it really does draw out a decent amount of Bokeh! Lets look at an example.

“Wide angle of view, compact size, X-Trans image quality, superb response, stunning style. The FUJIFILM X70 with its 18.5mm wide-angle lens is all you need to make your everyday shots dramatic.”

This little guy is PERFECT for replacing your everyday street camera. Stepping up your social media game is definitely something that we love about this camera, sometimes your phone just can’t shoot that perfect event or sexy #OOTD but the Fujifilm X70 manages to survive in all these conditions giving you that expert look to your images! The photos aren’t grainy in low light conditions and the autofocus takes shots extremely quickly making sure you don’t miss a moment.

Honest Review:

The power of this camera is honestly too incredible for the size. However one small drawback of the camera is that some buttons may be a little too small for users with bigger hands. Maybe it’s just based on personal preference though…

We definitely recommend the X70 if you travel a lot, if you’re a blogger or just a regular person making sure you need the best images from a camera for everyday use! The Fujifilm X70 definitely doesn’t disappoint, for what the camera is and if Fujifilm continues to create more camera’s like this, we’ll be hooked for  avery long time to come!

For more information on the Fujifilm X70 and all the other amazing Fujifilm products here in South Africa, visit their website at www.fujifilm.co.za for everything you need to know on their latest dude on the block, the Fujifilm X70!

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