GoTrend Quickie: What do you need to be a successful DJ in SA?











Roger Goode says:

“Try to be as original as you can! We live in one of the most diverse places in the world – with South Africans being made up of all kinds of cultures. To me this means you can be extra creative and extra diverse especially as an entertainer!”












Dave Pearce says:

“Becoming a good DJ takes a lot of time and practice. The industry is tough, so you have to work very hard. As fun as it is, it’s a job too, so you always have to stay focused and work hard – and practice makes perfect!”












Lady Lea says:

“To become a good DJ in SA you need to be passionate about your music, be unique, work hard, promote yourself, keep up with new music, and don’t give up. Remember nothing happens over night, it takes time to be good at anything. Just stick to it!”


– Kevin McLennan

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