Dare to Be Different with Danish Design!

IScreen Shot 2015-04-29 at 14.55.43n a sea of average, we’re all sailing ships; with little to define us or set us apart. There are brands that accept this, brands that make it their message to be the same and for people to join the ranks of their defined average.

Danish Design is not the same. Danish Design is different. It’s a brand about you; it’s a brand about breaking the mold. This is choice and it’s at the centerpiece of every Danish Design.

Danish Design commissions popular European Industrial Designers such as the award winning Martin Larsen and Anna Gotha to create their own ranges. Their approach is to combine form and function creating a result that is simplistic, stylish and ultimately, appealing.

The components are of an extremely high quality, with lightweight, hypoallergenic titanium, tungsten, hi-tech ceramic or stainless steel cases and mineral or scratch proof sapphire glasses

We love the unique, edgy designs that can suit all wrists, remember that it’s what makes you different that counts! Danish Design watches are proudly distributed in South Africa by HM Watch & Jewellery. Like their page on Facebook!

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