GoTrend Reviews: Samsung Ch@t 333

Texting, tweeting, checking in, picture sending, music listener, photographer, gamer and no doubt a caller. No one doesn’t know what all of the above mean these days! With all this connectivity comes a phone that has it all, the Samsung Ch@t 333 is more than just a phone, it’s your new best friend!

The incredibly feature-packed phone knows no boundaries, sporting a 2 megapixel camera and Micro SD card slot (That expands up to 32GB) your media is with you, where ever you go. The Ch@t 333 comes pre-loaded with Twitter, Facebook, and options for downloading instant messaging applications like MXit and more! What makes this phone even better is that South African local languages such as Zulu and Xhosa are preloaded onto the device. The embedded Samsung Ch@tOn App is designed to let consumers easily share messages, images, contacts and calendars with their buddies one-on-one or in group chat.

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In your box, you’ll be happy to know that what you need for the ultimate use from your device is there! Battery charger, earphones and the quick start guide come all in the smallest box! (what can we say, dynamite comes in small packages!)


1) Preinstalled Twitter, Facebook & Ch@tON!

2) Dedicated messaging key.

3) Great price.

4) Memory card expansion to a high 32GB.

5) Very loud, clear audio speakers for playing music and videos.


1) Small keys may be difficult for bigger hands

2) No USB cable included in box.

The Samsung Ch@t 333 has it all! For the price and the features that are jammed into this firework of a phone, the Ch@t is a loyal companion that will look after you for a long time!

Keeps your eyes peeled, we’ll be having a giveaway for an awesome Ch@t 333 soon!

Special thanks to the team at Epic Communications for their absolute generosity and efficiency, check out their site HERE!


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