Daniel Baron: The GoTrend Interview

If you think all South African radio stations are lifeless these days, than you obviously haven’t heard of South African singing sensation Daniel Baron! With many hits on the radio and his chart topper: “So Much More” reaching number 2 on the Kia Take 40 SA, Daniel is recreating the SA music scene one song at a time.


Go Trend asks Daniel a few questions: 

GT: Your debut album “It’s Time” has had many popular songs on the radio including “So Much More” that set the second position on the Kia Take 40 SA chart. Has the success of your music hit you yet?

DB: Sometimes I have to pinch myself to realize that it’s actually happening, because it is any artist’s dream to have songs playing on radio, and I’m so grateful that my music has received this amount of support.

GT: Daniel, entering the music scene in South Africa has rumoured to be quite difficult, is this true?

DB: It is very difficult as for anyone starting out, but like everything in life, you have to work very hard to see results.

GT: Out of all the tracks on your album which track is your favorite, and why?

DB: That’s a difficult question to answer, because it’s like asking a parent who their favourite child is, haha. But right now my favourite is the new single, “All Over Now”. It is a real rockstar song and I love blasting it in the car!

GT: Learning from experience has always been a great method! Can you tell music enthusiasts looking to get into the music industry what you would do over again, if you had the chance?

DB: I think every artist has their own way of doing things and their own little methods, but if I had to give anyone advice – stay humble and you will go far.

GT: If you had the chance, which artist in the world would you collaborate with?

DB: It would be awesome to collaborate with a dance artist like Avicii or David Guetta.

GT: Have you ever had negative fans, how do you handle the “haters”?

DB: I haven’t had too many “haters”, but if I do come across any, I think best way to handle it is to ignore it.

GT: What is hot on your music player at the moment?

DB: I’m listening to Graeme Watkins Project at the moment. Excellent SA band!

GT: Can you tell us a little about the first performance you ever did?

DB: My first live performance in front of a crowd was in a school talent show. I remember being extremely nervous but I got a standing ovation at the end which I think probably took my nerves away.

GT: Music is something that comes right from the heart, where do you find your inspiration?

DB: I am inspired by everything around me. Life, love, heartbreak, and worldly issues to mention a few.

GT: A question that is cliché, but is always essential. We want to know your life motto!

DB: “Dream big, stay humble, have faith and never give up.”


Pick up Daniel Baron’s CD: “It’s Time” at any good music store now!




– Kevin McLennan

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